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Deb Dagit Diversity Products

Let people know you are an ally for people with disabilities with a lapel pin or magnet. Your ally card will provide your elevator speech when people ask you about the ally symbol.
Deb Dagit has 22 years experience as a diversity leader and has worked as a top executive in both the Information Technology and Health care fields. She is known for her pragmatism, subject matter expertise with regards to all dimensions of diversity, and results orientation.
Acrylic Lapel Pins: Gold/Black or Silver/Black

Square Edge Magnets: Gold/Black

Ally Cards: Gold/Black

Plus $10.00 shipping/handling on each product ordered. $15.00 for magnets.

Processing of Ally Cards and Magnets, approximately 2 weeks plus time in transit. Please email us for expedited shipping or larger quantities.

Rush order charge on Ally Cards and Magnets are $22.00 for 3 day processing.